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Numista referee for Kingdom of Bosnia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Second Bulgarian Empire, Macedonia, Moldavia, Montenegro, Kingdom of Serbia, Serbia, Serbian Empire, Wallachia, Yugoslavia


I started collecting coins in March 2015.

I joined Numista on 2nd of July 2015.

Currently my collection numbers over 1600 coins from over 200 countries. I have more than 20 successful swaps from people all over the world.

My plan is to have at least one coin and banknote from each modern county in the world.

I'm interested in getting:

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Total collection weight: 8.5 kg

Total silver weight: 474 g

Total gold weight: 35 g

Grades and Metal


Some countries from which I don't own coins may be filled on this map because they were part of some historical union from which I own coins. (Eg. Mauritania was part of French West Africa. I don't own coins from Mauritania at the moment, but I do own coins from French West Africa).

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